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The Global Humboldt Application for AY 2021-22 is open.

Application Open

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Global Humboldt is a learning community for first-year students who have not yet decided on a major. It is designed to support you and your interests, experiences and strengths as you explore, create, and grow in your own way as a Humboldt State University student.

If you hope to make a difference, but first want to learn more about the world and what it needs from you, Global Humboldt is the perfect place to start. Join other Humboldt State University students who feel the same; jumpstart your academic and social life by becoming part of Global Humboldt.

How to apply:

To participate:

  1. Global Humboldt Application: Sign up for the Global Humboldt program using the application link above.

  2. Residential Life Application: Sign up for Global Humboldt themed housing through residential life. All Global Humboldt students will live on campus in the same residence hall. Complete your on-campus housing application at:

  3. Admission: Confirm your admission to HSU by logging in to, go to Student Center section and click the “accept/decline” link.

  4. Humboldt Orientation: Sign up for HOP for new freshman, and begin the first part of the program.

In this program you will:

  • You will live in housing reserved for Global Humboldt students and enjoy opportunities for coordinated social activities and academic support tailored to your interests and needs.

  • You will be automatically enrolled in your first-year classes. These are carefully selected to expose Global Humboldt students to the many options that HSU has to offer, but also fulfill required general education to ensure timely progress towards graduation.

  • You will benefit from support and guidance from advisors assigned to work with undeclared first-year students at Humboldt State. Visit the undeclared advising page to learn more.

  • You will be part of a supportive cohort of students and build relationships with the program’s faculty and staff.

  • You will study food, culture, Native American studies, rural and urban economic development, art, and ocean-coastal environments, developing your communication and writing skills at the same time. We will also help you find other courses to further explore your interests. Some of the options are:
    • Global Humboldt Seminar (AHSS 180)
    • Nature, Culture & Food (AHSS 108)
    • Fundamentals of Speech Communication (COMM 100)
    • Enlightenment and Post-Colonialism (FREN 100)
    • Introduction to Native American Studies (NAS 104)
    • Humboldt Peoples and Places (AHSS 102)
  • You will explore the local area and the complex relationship between this beautiful place and the rest of the world.

  • You will investigate academic major options and career opportunities to help you make more informed decisions both here at HSU and beyond.

  • You will work with a RAMP mentor who will be available to provide 1-on-1 peer mentoring. Find out more at:

HSU Global Humboldt Learning Community

Who is this program for?

The Global Humboldt learning community is designed for students in their first year at HSU who are still navigating toward a choice of major. As part of a small community of Global Humboldt students you will have the opportunity to share a residence hall, fulfill a wide variety of general education (GE) courses together, and participate in activities both in and outside of class.

A world of possibilities awaits as you build on your passions and strengths at HSU. This “globally” themed learning community offers you an interdisciplinary introduction to that world. A group of dedicated staff and faculty will accompany you as the journey of exploration begins. Each one of them will do their best to help you make the most of your first-year experience, feel at home at Humboldt State University, find meaningful ways to connect, and create the college experience you are hoping for.

Contact us! If you have any questions about Global Humboldt, please contact Ryan Rasmussen in the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences by phone at 707-826-4491, or by email at